Chatham T’ai-Chi

Gerry McDowell has been teaching WuWei Tai Chi for __ years in Chatham as well as ___. He studies and teaches the style practiced and developed by ….

What is Tai Chi

T’ai-chi Ch’uan is a centuries old Chinese exercise. It is a martial art, today practiced largely because the movements stimulate the flow of intrinsic energy or ch’i, which the Chinese believe maintains good health. The slow movements done with the body’s weight primarily on one leg or the other provide a stimulating and demanding workout that strengthens the lower body. Initially we will cover the first 16 of the 37 postures of Professor Cheng Man-ching’s tai-chi form. Comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing are all that is needed.

There are five principles to bear in mind when you practice T’ai Chi Chuan:

  • Relax
  • Separate Yin and Yang
  • Keep the body upright
  • Turn from the waist
  • Maintain “Beautiful Lady’s hand”.

Gerry McDowell at gerrymcdowell@gmail.com